The Deep Dingaal History of Jiigurru (Lizard Island Group) and the Northern Great Barrier Reef.

The Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation and the Australian Museum invite you to join a discussion exploring the significant archaeological discoveries made on Jiigurru (Lizard Island Group).’

A special lecture is being given by Distinguished Professor Sean Ulm and Directors of the Walmbaar Aboriginal Corporation, representing Dingaal Traditional Owners of Jiigurru (Lizard Island Group), on the evening of Wednesday July 31 at the Australian Museum.

Over the past decade Professors Sean Ulm and Ian McNiven have partnered with Traditional Owners and a large team of researchers to investigate the extraordinary cultural heritage of Jiigurru. In April this year the team announced the discovery of over 80 pieces of pottery dated to between 2,950 and 1,800 years old.

The excavations have raised fascinating questions about how First Nations communities were linked together across the Coral Sea; how these finds might be connected with broader movements of people and ideas across the western Pacific, including Lapita peoples, and how Aboriginal technologies changed over time.

Jiigurru is a deeply storied cultural landscape with some of the most significant cultural places so far reported along the length of the Great Barrier Reef, including some of the largest and oldest coastal archaeological sites and extraordinary stone arrangements which are unparalleled anywhere in Australia.

Please join us for what promises to be a most engaging evening.

Wednesday July 31, 2024, 6PM
Canapes/Drinks to Follow

Australian Museum
Corner College & William Streets, Sydney
(by Monday, 15 July please)

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Jiigurru (Lizard Island) Group

Sean Ulm is Distinguished Professor of Archaeology at James Cook University, Cairns and Director of the new ARC Centre of Excellence for Indigenous and Environmental Histories and Futures.  Over the past 25 years Sean has led large collaborative networks of Indigenous communities and researchers across northern Australia to recast understandings of coastal occupation by integrating environmental data with detailed analyses of archaeological sites.  Sean has worked in partnership with the Traditional Owners of Jiigurru (Lizard Island Group) for over a decade to document and protect the extraordinary cultural heritage of the islands and its people.

About the Walmbaar Aboriginal Corporation RNTBC
The Walmbaar Aboriginal Corporation is the registered native title body corporate representing Dingaal Traditional Owners of Jiigurru (Lizard Island Group) and the surrounding Sea Country extending to the adjacent mainland. The Walmbaar Aboriginal Corporation partner with researchers on Country to ensure that it is done in a way that respects Country and supports the aspirations of the Dingaal community.

About Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation (LIRRF)
The LIRRF supports research at the Australian Museum’s Lizard Island Research
.  More information is available here.

We do hope you can join us.

Kate Hayward
Chair, LIRRF

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