Your Donations Hard at Work

Donations via LIRRF go straight to funding science and science facilities on the Great Barrier Reef

Lizard Island Reef Research Station (LIRRF) operates with very low costs. Total annual costs run at less than 4% of funds raised – some years considerably less than this figure – and are more than covered by investment earnings from LIRRF’s capital fund.

All fundraising work is performed by LIRRF Trustees on a voluntary basis and all Trustees are substantial donors in their own right. The Australian Museum provides some administrative support. This means that every cent of every new dollar donated through LIRRF will go to funding science and science facilities on the Great Barrier Reef.

All donations of $2 or more are tax-deductible in Australia.

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Joe Pollock researching off Lizard Island

More reasons to donate

Joe Pollock researching off Lizard Island

We keep you informed

We communicate the science that we support and you will see how your donations are put to good use. More information> 

Soft coral

A sense of wonder

For some, this may be most compelling reason of all. Explore >

The Great Barrier Reef is important

A vast, beautiful, precious environment. Find out more >

Coral reefs need our help

The Great Barrier Reef is a vital part of our ecosystem and a natural wonder beloved by Australians. It is a World Heritage Area that is at risk of being listed as 'in danger' in recognition of the many challenges it faces.

Science and the will for change are the only possible solutions. Our work is helping.

Will you help us?


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Weather & Ocean Observations

Latest Lizard Island Weather & Oceanic Observations from the AIMS Data Centre

We acknowledge Dingaal and Ngurrumungu Traditional Owners of the lands, seas and skies of the Lizard Island region.