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Supporting coral reefs through science

Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation (LIRRF) supports scientific research and education at the Australian Museum’s Lizard Island Research Station on the northern Great Barrier Reef. All funds donated to the Foundation contribute to programs that support coral reef research and education.

Lizard Island Research Station (LIRS) is a globally-relevant and highly productive  coral reef research and education facility. It depends on our Foundation’s support for its ongoing development and maintenance.


Targeted and practical support for coral reef science and education at Lizard Island Research Station.


With your support, scientists can continue their vital work on the Great Barrier Reef.

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Stay in touch with what’s happening on coral reefs in general and at Lizard Island in particular.

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Coral reefs need our help

The Great Barrier Reef is a vital part of our ecosystem and a natural wonder beloved by Australians. It is a World Heritage Area that is at risk of being listed as 'in danger' in recognition of the many challenges it faces.

Science and the will for change are the only possible solutions. Our work is helping.

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The Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation respects and acknowledges the Dingaal, Ngurrumungu and Thanhil peoples as traditional owners of the lands and waters of the Lizard Island region.


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