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See your funds being put to good use

See your funds being put to good use

Our Foundation is committed to transparency and effective communication. As a donor to LIRRF, you will have a clear vision of the research facilities, science and scientists you are supporting.

The Station’s annual Research Report is compiled after the close of each calendar year. It provides a comprehensive update on the state of the local reefs, the Station’s facilities and LIRRF news and events. It also provides details of all visiting scientists who used the Station’s field research facilities during the preceding year, the projects they worked on and new publications based on Lizard Island research that have been received into the Station’s library.

LIRRF’s audited financial statements (our Annual Report) for the financial year ending 30 June provide details of aggregate funds raised and how they have been applied.

Both sets of reports are available here. Please get in touch if you would like to have a hard copy of a recent report posted to you.

Each year we arrange several events: dinners in Melbourne (usually in May) and Sydney (usually in August) for LIRRF Members and Friends. These events provide opportunities for one of the Station Directors or a scientist who has done research at the Station to make presentations on their work. We also arrange one or two other events for Members and Friends each year.

Our events are always very interesting and informative. We charge an attendance fee calculated to break-even on cost, and steer clear of auctions, raffles and other fundraising devices.

We also send out occasional email updates on Lizard Island science, and provide occasional posts on our website and social media channels.

LIRRF Members and Friends who stay at the Lizard Island Resort are encouraged to visit the Station to see the facilities first-hand and chat with the Directors and visiting scientists.

Overall, we endeavor to provide LIRRF donors with continuing transparency as to the facilities and science they are funding and how their funds are being put to good use.

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Soft coral

A sense of wonder

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The Great Barrier Reef is important

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Advancing knowledge of the reef

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Coral reefs need our help

The Great Barrier Reef is a vital part of our ecosystem and a natural wonder beloved by Australians. It is a World Heritage Area that is at risk of being listed as 'in danger' in recognition of the many challenges it faces.

Science and the will for change are the only possible solutions. Our work is helping.

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