Publication is vital in science. It invokes the quality assurance of peer review and shares the research with everyone.

Projects at Lizard Island are rarely ready for publication when the scientists leave the island.  There is always more work to be done back in their home institutions, analysing samples and data, incorporating other research, consulting with colleagues, drafting and revising papers and submitting for peer review prior to publication.  This can take many months, sometimes years.

The library at the Australian Museum’s Lizard Island Research Station collects publications based on local research.  It already has  2,ooo+ and over a hundred more are added each year – see LIRS > Publications & Projects.  This remarkable concentration of multi-year local research and the amazing Lizard Island Field Guide help make the Station a preferred facility for research on the Reef.

Dr Lyle Vail briefing LIRRF Trustees Kate Hayward and Helen Wellings in the Shuetrim Library at the Lizard Island Research Station.


The following 2017 title links indicate the range of publications received.  See also Closing COTS knowledge gaps.  A comprehensive list will be included in the Station’s 2017 Research Report, currently in preparation.