The Great Barrier Reef Virtual Reality Dive

The Australian Museum is hosting a Virtual Reality Dive experience, created by Alchemy VR in conjunction with David Attenborough.  Wearing the latest VR headsets, participants are able to turn and see in every direction, as though they were sitting with David A in his mini Triton submarine.  The reef videography and VR technology are both amazing.  Here is the trailer:

The Museum hosted a special GBR-VR evening for 80 LIRRF Members & Friends on 19 April.

David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef

This superb 3-part documentary series is currently running on ABC-TV.  Parts of it were filmed at Lizard Island.  Created with the latest video technology, it shows many aspects of life on the reef never previously recorded.  If you missed the first two episodes, you can get them here on iView.  The series is also available on DVD from the ABC Shop.

The companion website has excellent coverage of selected reef topics, including this video featuring Lizard Island Research Station Directors Dr Ann Hoggett & Dr Lyle Vail and their son Alex.