This post lists some of the scientists and research projects utilizing the facilities of the Australian Museum’s Lizard Island Research Station this year.  A complete list will be published as part of the Station’s full 2017 Report. The results from most of these projects will be published in scientific journals.  For prior years, see Publications & Projects on the Station website.

The links show the great breadth and depth of scientific talent at the Station. Lizard Island research is part of an impressive web of Australian and international scientific enquiry across multiple disciplines, all advancing our knowledge of life on the Reef and our ability to conserve it for future generations.

Trond Amundsen (NTNU Norway): Effects of coral bleaching on fishes.

Kristen Anderson King (JCU) Recovery of coral growth after bleaching

Maria del Mar Palacios (JCU): Effect of habitat degradation on reef fish & Top predators

Alexandra Ordonez Alvarez & Guillermo Diaz Pulido (Griffith): Coralline algae evolution and ocean acidification.  See also Coral Algae Research Lab and Coralcoe

Lithothamnion proliferum – a species of coralline algae at Lizard Island © Anne Hoggett

Derek Sun (UQ) as field leader for Paul Sikkell (Arkansas): The role of micropredators and cleaning behaviour in coral reef fish communities

Rebecca Fox (UTS) & Jennifer Donelson (JCU): Exploring the nexus between physiology and behaviour in a warming world.  Rebecca & Jennifer were awarded a LIRRF Isobel Bennett Biology Fellowship to help fund this research.

Research duo Fox and Donelson at Lizard Island. Photo: Photo: A. Leplastrier

Zoe Richards (Curtin) & Daniela Ceccarelli (Independent researcher): Temporal dynamics and response to disturbance in coral and fish communities at Lizard Island  – see Counting Survivors

Mark McCormick (JCU): Fish and benthic survey of Lizard Island

Sjannie Lefevre Nilsson & Goran Nilsson (UiO): Physiological responses to hypoxia of the Humpback Conch

Humpback Conch Gibberulus gibberulus at Lizard Island © Barbara

Samantha Aird (JCU): Long-term Aboriginal resource use on the Great Barrier Reef

Luis Alonso Gomez Lemos (Griffith):  Ecological interactions between crustose coralline algae and early life stages of seaweeds and corals

Ellie Bergstrom (Griffith): Biological traits responsible for acclimation/adaptation of coralline algae to ocean acidification

Naomi Green (UQ): Seeing and responding to colour signals

Maureen Ho (Griffith): The role of macroalgae and their different carbon uptake strategies

Zoe Loffler (JCU): The effect of canopy-forming macroalgae on reef processes. Zoe was awarded a LIRRF / Ian Potter Foundation Fellowship to help fund this research.

Martin Luehrmann (UQ): Visual ecology of cardinalfishes Apogonidae

Renato Morais Araujo (JCU): Structural complexity effects on fish productivity over multiple spatial scales: the influence of cyclone damage and massive bleaching events

Robert Streit (JCU): Benthic feeding video grids

Damaris Torres-Pulliza (Macquarie): A multi-scale approach for quantifying habitat complexity of coral reef from space

Cedric Van Den Berg (UQ): Luminance detection and discrimination thresholds in the Picasso Triggerfish.

An adult Picasso Triggerfish Rhinecanthus aculeatus © Andy Lewis

Rachael Woods (Macquarie): Cyclone mapping project – coral recruitment on mapped sites

Sue Anne Watson (JCU): Effects of bleaching on giant clams

Smooth Giant Clam Tridacna derasa at Big Vikis Reef Lizard Island. © Andy Lewis

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