Donations to the Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation (LIRRF) go to support field research projects and facilities at the Australian Museum’s Lizard Island Research Station. The facilities include fifteen boats that are in constant use by visiting scientists from James Cook University, the University of Queensland and other leading marine research institutions in Australia and around the world.

The three big boats are used for larger research teams and those that need to go to reefs away from the Lizard Island Group. These boats are able to reach both the outer ribbon reefs and inshore reefs near the mainland coast, essential for cross-shelf studies. The others are all dinghies which are roomy and stable, perfect for the reefs surrounding Lizard Island.

All the boats have been donated through LIRRF and have names associated with their donors (other than L&M):

The 3 Big Boats

  1. Kirsty K – daughter of donor Kevin Kalkhoven
  2. Macquarie 1 – 30th Anniversary donation from the Macquarie Group Foundation
  3. Macquarie 2 – 30th Anniversary donation from the Macquarie Group Foundation

The 12 Dinghies

  1. Pip – married to donor Dick Smith
  2. Freya – donated by Thyne Reid Foundation
  3. Ellie – granddaughter of Charlie Shuetrim (LIRRF Trustee)
  4. Sam – member of the Myer family
  5. Sarah – member of the Myer family
  6. L&M – named after Lance & Marianne Pearce, a long-serving maintenance couple at the Station
  7. Marie Elisabeth – donated by Geoff and Elisabeth Haddy
  8. Mary-Ida – associated with the John Villiers Trust
  9. Louise – associated with the Fred P Archer Charitable Trust
  10. Lily – associated with the Thyne Reid Foundation
  11. Mimi – associated with the John Villiers Trust
  12. Primrose – donated by Lady Primrose Potter


Above four images © Anne Hoggett depict scientists and donors on ‘Mary-Ida, Sarah, Macquarie 2 & Marie Elisabeth’.