We are seeking volunteers to help refine and develop this blog site and our social media channels. If you are a user of social media and interested in helping achieve our objectives, please contact us.

We have three objectives:

    1. Communicate the science –  why the Great Barrier Reef is Australia’s greatest natural treasure; why we need to apply science to discover, understand and preserve its amazingly diverse marine life; why the facilities provided by the Lizard Island Research Station are important for such research; and why both the facilities and the science need and deserve donor support.
    2. Extend our community  We have a wonderful community of regular donors as Friends and Members of our Lizard Island Reef Research Foundation.  We want to extend it by establishing links with the many other people interested in marine science and conservation on the Great Barrier Reef.  We want to know about their concerns and provide support for their causes where appropriate. And we hope they will be interested to learn about our research and concerns.
    3. Raise funds for Lizard Island research  We appreciate that not everyone who subscribes to this blog site and our social media channels will be in a position to contribute financially.  We hope some will, because the science is important and in great need of community support.

    Become a LIRRF leader - seeking volunteers